Thursday, July 14, 2011

Euphorbias in the Gardens of Chateau De La Mer

Besides my orchids and hibiscus collections (,
I have also a collections of Euphorbias. The plant is also known as Siam's(Thailand)Lucky Plant. Five years ago, I purchased 3 plants for 1000 pesos(about $20).Today, Euphorbias are so cheap, you can buy one for less than a $1, since they are easily propagated via cuttings.

They bloom whole year round, likes sun and dry soil and very drought-resistant. They are almost pest-free except for small mites. The mites are almost microscopic and attacked the leaves. My favorite is the light yellow, almost light green variety. I have also varieties that have double flowers in red and pink. The most common color is pink(bottom photo). Here's a video about the care of Euphorbia in Sanskrit.

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