Saturday, July 16, 2011

Full Moon at Chateau De La Mer

One of the many things I will never forget at Chateau Du Mer is the full moon. During the summer, the moon shines so bright, it looks like day light. However, during the monsoon season, oftentimes, the moon is partially or completely covered with the rain clouds.

One of my favorite activity during full moon is to have a leisure walk along the beach with my dog. There is no need for a flashlight. You could walk for miles without getting tired.

Another activity is to light a bon fire (tapong) on the beach. You could roast marshmallows, drink beer or wine. For appetizer you could have barbecue pork or oysters and clams (if in season).

If I do not feel like walking, I just stay at the balcony of the beach house, plug in my boom box and listen to classical or Filipino music. Envious of this lifestyle?
I do not blame you. I should thank God, for giving me the Health and Time to enjoy the full moon in our retirement beach house in Boac, Marinduque

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