Friday, July 29, 2011

Will Our Snow Bird Lifestyle Be affected By Power Brown Outs in Marinduque?

Darkened Skies of Marinduque

Unless the electrical power shortage crisis is solved, it will very likely that Marinduque will not be able to retain the Fil-Americans Balikbayans now spending from 4 to 6 months of their annual retirement years in Marinduque. In addition, it will be a high possibility that no new retirees will build retirement homes in the Island. If this happens, it will be the saddest and depressing development in the history of this beautiful island, I called My Island Paradise.

The last couple of years, I have seen more than a couple of Fil-Americans balikbayans build retirement homes in Boac and Gasan. This excludes foreign nationals who are married to Filipino(a) citizens. Although these balikbayans spend only about 4 t 6 months of the year in Marinduque, just like us, our contribution to the local economy can not be taken for granted. As balikbayan retirees we hired caretakers, housekeepers, drivers, gardeners, cooks, laundry workers and spend our dollars for food, groceries gasoline and other living expenses. We patronized restaurants and contribute to the local church and charities. Some of us invest on local businesses that give employment to local residents. As balikbayans, all we are expecting in return is a reliable supply of electricity and other amenities conducive to our aging years.

I therefore expect, provincial officials to wake up, and solve the problem of the electrical power supply crises in the island as soon as possible. In the meantime, Macrine and I have decided that unless this crises is solved by the end of the year, we will be spending only 2 months of our annual snow bird lifestyle in Marinduque instead of our usual 4 to 5 months of stay next year. In addition, we will stop our drive to recruit other Fil-Americans balikbayans to build retirement homes in Marinduque.

Note: The following is a comment from a Marinduque resident showing his frustration regarding the power shortage crises in the Marinduque, in Filipino followed by my english translation.

" Maliwanag pa sa Sikat ng Araw. Ang paraiso ay nasa Elephant Island dahil doon ang Bellarocca island Resort and Spa. Sa mainland ng Mduke parang impiyerno walang kuryente, walang tubig at puro buwaya ang nasa gobyerno".

"It is brighter than the sunrise. Paradise is in Elephant Island where Bellarocca Resort and Spa is located. Mainland Marinduque is like hell, where there is no electricity, water and the government is populated by crocodiles".

Note: All you pure tagalogs, did I translate it correctly if not literally?

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