Sunday, July 10, 2011

Zinnias, Cosmos and Wild Flowers in the Gardens of Chateau De La Mer

This wild flower was photograped in Marinduque. Do you know its name?

Do You know the name of this Flower?

Photo of Wild Flower on the Seashore(second from top photo) by Gabby Del Rosario

Zinnias, impatiens and cosmos self-seed every year in my garden. They grow like wild flowers. However, I replaced them with new seeds every other year. If allowed to grow, they will suffocate other plants around them. Zinnias comes in a rainbow of colors. There is a zinnia known as Envy( light green) that I used to grow in Kansas City. However, I can not find seeds here in California in the garden shop. I will probably have to order it via the Internet(see note below). Anyway, I am happy of the varieties that I have currently. The purple Zinnia looks almost like a dahlia. My cosmos is light orange, although I have seen other colors from garden catalogs. I have both pink and white variety of impatiens. The natives called it "apat-apat" because they have four petals. They are drought resistant and blooms all summer.

Another wild flower (second photo from top) grows like a ground cover and a vine along the seashore outside the fence of the beach house. It has light purple flowers that blooms for about three months( December to February) every year. I encourage it to spread along the shore in order to minimize sand erosion during high tides. The locals have a name for this wild vine, but I can not remember it. During its blooming season, the seashore looks so beautiful. It reminds me of the wild California poppies, blooming in the prairies. Every year, I remind my gardener to trim it, since it will occupy the seashore that we used for sun bathing and picnicking. If you know of the name of this wild flower, please let me know. Enjoy the flowers above.

Note: I went to the garden store today. They have a stand for Burpee Seed Products. I found the Green Zinnia( Envy) seed packet for $1.99, but not the purple double Zinnia.

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