Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beach House Logo and Photos from a Garden Wedding

Prelude to the Wedding- Celebration of Life Dance
Garden Wedding Altar
Garden Wedding Give-Away of the Bride by Parents
Bridge-Focal Point of Landscaping

The above pictures were taken during our first garden wedding at Chateau Du Mer Beach Resort and Conference Center. The last image is my CDM logo design by yours truly with the help of David III. Notice the butterfly design, recognizing Marinduque as the Butterfly Capital of the Philippines. This logo has been transferred to t-shirts, caps and mugs available for sale as souvenirs from the CDM Beach Resort and Conference Center.

Recent Photo of the Beach House

A recent construction is the third bedroom or meeting room for 30 at the bottom floor of the beach house. The room is air conditioned and can served as a room dormitory style for six. The daily rental is 4000 pesos. There is an adjacent terrace (18 sq. meters) facing the ocean. Two marble tables from Romblom is the focal and center point of the decoration in the terrace.

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