Monday, July 11, 2011

Cacti and Succulents in the Gardens of Chateau De La Mer

Besides my collection of orchids, hibiscus and euphorbias, I also collect cacti and succulents. I have only a dozen varieties, half of them I grew in pots and the rest outside. I planted them in pots, so during the rainy season, I could move them away from the torrential rains of Marinduque. The outside cacti, I planted under the overhang in the west and south side of the house, so it will have plenty of sun and protected from the monsoon rains during the month of July and August. They have red flowers(photo below). I have dozens of aloe veras on the side of the house.

Aloe vera in my Garden

One variety that grows tall, I planted along the fence facing the ocean. This serves as deterrent for mischievous local children to climb the fence because of it thorns. I have one favorite that belongs to the Agave specie. It looks like a big rose. It is a slow grower. I think it is called the century plant.It will not bloom after 50 years or more. I planted it 10 years ago( only about 2 inches). Now it is only about 12 inches high and 10 inches wide. So far, it has only one shoot( I call it the cactus baby), that I transplanted into a pot and watch it grow very slowly. I try not to over water it. For as they say, cactus and succulents thrives well with neglect. Here's a video about cacti!

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