Monday, July 18, 2011

Do You Garden By the Mouth?

Have you heard of the phrase " gardening by mouth"? I heard this phrase just recently from one of our guests at the beach house. He told me that a good friend of his loves to garden by mouth. I was curious what it meant. He later informed me that his lady friend had a personal gardener. So all she does is tell the gardener what to do in the garden. In my case, even though I have two full time gardeners in Marinduque, I am still strong enough to do "actual gardening" as one of my "exercise activity", besides walking along the beach in early morning or late afternoons. I still love to do a little weeding, watering, transplanting , pruning and fertilizing. The major job of mowing, pruning, weeding and spraying is done by mouth.

The above photos ( orchids, hibiscus, bougainvilla, bird of paradise, euphorbia, heleconias) are the fruits of my actual and mouth gardening. I hope you enjoy the flowers. If you also garden by mouth please let me know!

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