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My Balleza Ancestral Roots from Barotac Viejo, Iloilo

Funeral Services for Paz Balleza Katague, Barotac Viejo, Iloilo, 1988

I am posting this genealogy list of the Balleza clan from Barotac Viejo, Iloilo starting with Jose Balleza-my great grand father. My sources are from the Facebook Page of Toto Brilliantes, Ed Ditching and Joerick Santiago. Please note of the Editor's request for more information and correction.

BALLEZA TREE UPDATE!!! From the Balleza Clan FaceBook Page


This is the First publication of Partial Tree Line of the BALLEZA Clan from Barotac Viejo, ILOILO.

ZERO Generation as you note is the Father the 3 MAIN Trunks of JOSE, PEDRO and VICENTE who is still to be Identified.

If you find errors in the list please inform the EDITOR ( Toto Brillantes) for correction/s. Some names were given by contributors in Nicknames. If you know the real name please provide the same.

Thank you for those who have given their time and effort on some of the information as listed below.

For those who have not yet contributed, we understand that it will take some time to get information specially from the oldies. Thank you for your contributions to the pieces of the puzzle to come soon.

Some of the information already provided may not appear at this time and will posted as soon as they are collated.

Also. note the some names of the spouses have not yet been provided. Please provide if you have information.

### PEDRO and VICENTE TRUNK LINE has been published earlier but still to be corrected and refined.


Below is the Down line of JOSE BALLEZA.


0.1 JOSE BALLEZA -mto->
0.2 PEDRO BALLEZA -mto->

FIRST Generation

0.1 SIBLINGS OF JOSE BALLEZA--mto-->Tupas Candido Balleza -mto-> Engracia Vencer Genaro Balleza -mto-> Anna Vencer Talie Balleza -mto-> Celestino "Tinoy" Celera Perpetua "Tuwa" Balleza -mto-> Alfonso Tupas, Sr.

SECOND Generation SIBLINGS OF Candido Balleza--mto-->Engracia Vencer Trinidad -mto-> Gleceria Oben -mto-> Morita Causing Hormesda -mto-> Norma Rosario "Sayong" -mto-> Natividad Causing Mariquita -mto-> Alfredo Brillantes, sr. Corazon -mto-> Naro Dulos Santiago Baldevino * -mto-> Angeles Colinares Asuncion -mto-> "Iting" Resurrecsion -mto-> Consolasion Barreto SIBLINGS OF Genaro Balleza--mto-->Anna Vencer Noel Vencer Balleza, Sr. -mto-> Edna Adan -mto-> Carmelita Barretto Alexander -mto-> Eva Barretto Roberto -mto-> Liza Asong Alfredo -mto-> Susana "Bughak" -mto-> Luis Malapitan Henry, Sr. -mto-> Natividad -mto-> Robles Clarita "Cariting" -mto-> Asuncion (son of Candido) SIBLINGS OF Talie Balleza--mto-->Celestino "Tinoy" Celera Fe Celera -mto-> Apen Ballesta Judith Celera -mto-> Baldonado Aristotle "Tiring" -mto-->Consuelo Legislador SIBLINGS OF Perpetua "Tuwa" Balleza--mto-->Alfonso Tupas, Sr. Felimon -mto-> Alfonso Tupas, Jr. "Ponsing" -mto-> Felicedad "Cedad" -mto-> Benjamin Causing Barlizo, Sr. Tomas -mto-> Rita Josefina "Suping " -mto-> Alejo Boquirin Pepe -mto-> Soccoro "Qouling" -mto-> Tomas Boquirin Apen -mto-> Alpie -mto->



0.0 Pedro Balleza-Maria Vencer

1.0.1 Alfonso Vencer Balleza - Estefania Demit Barrido( my grand father and grand mother)
1.0.2 Manuel Rionda Balleza -
1.0.3 Juan Rionda Balleza
1.0.4 Quirico Asuela Balleza - Esperanza Rendon

SIBLINGS OF ALFONSO Jose, Sr. "Peping"-settled in Barotac Viejo Lolita Pacing "Paz" (youngest)- Dr. David Jamili Katague, Sr.) settled in Barotac Viejo Modesto(oldest)-grand father of Ed Ditching=settled in Iloilo City

SIBLINGS OF MANUEL Vicente "Cente" - Necitas "Citas" - Juaning - Evangeline "Eve" - Alpeio "Alping" -


From Joerick Santiago-son of Sylvia Balleza (MD) Santiago

Tito Nonoy Danilo T. Balleza married to Tita Minda Ballila
Tito Toto Roberto T. Balleza married to Tita Norma Gallila
Tito Nene Jose T. Balleza married to xxxx
Tito Nono Ismael T. Balleza married to Tita Marlene
Tito Dodoy Nemisio T. Balleza married to Tita Republica Conzha
Tita Amelia T. Balleza married to Francisco Ly
Tita Baby Rosalie T. Balleza married to George Doligosa

My mom: Sylvia T. Balleza married to Edgardo J. Santiago


Children of Paz Barrido Balleza and David Jamili Katague

David Jr( Nonoy) mto Macrine Nieva Jambalos( Boac, Marinduque)

Erico mto Helen Esparagoza( Negros OC)

Myrla mto Leonore Hilaga( deceasesd)

Agnes mto Ly ( deceased) and Dennis Galvin

Efren(Toto) mto Lourdes De Asis( Pavia)

Ruben( Dolce) mto Joy Escobar( Bacolod City)

Amor( Knitz) mto Apolonio Gregorio( Nueva Ecija)


From Ed Ditching-Grandson of Modesto and son of Fanny (Estefania) Balleza and Simplicio Ditching

Thanks Toto Brillantes for adding me... and to Tito David David B Katague and Noel Balleza for making me aware of this group. My Balleza branch (as far as I can remember) is from Dr. Modesto Balleza who is married to my Lola Taciana Rey.( Barotac Nuevo)

My mother is Estefania (Fanny) Balleza who was the eldest daughter of Lolo Modesto with Tito Moderas (Modesto Jr.), Tito Alnico, Arnulfo (Nulfing), Diomedes (Diome), Tita Visi (Sis. Visitacion), Taciana (Nita Tolosa) and Lourdes (Bauson) who were her brothers and sisters. Only Tito Nulfing, Tita Nita and Tita Lourdes are still living.

My father is Simplicio Ditching from Victorias and Molo. My brothers are George, Sim (RIP), Dennis (RIP), Edwin, Arthur and Robert. So if you encounter any of these names, we are relatives. I don't have much memories of Barotac or Iloilo as we grew up in Bacolod. My only memory is a vacation we took in Iloilo and stayed at Lolo Modesto's house in Calle Real in front of the St Paul Hospital (I think it was later sold to the Vidal sisters and there is a pharmacy in the ground floor at present).

Again, thank you Toto Brilliantes, Ed Ditching and Joerick Santiago for your updates. Mabuhay and Balleza Clan!

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