Monday, August 1, 2011

My Three Favorite Movie Theme Songs

It is time to have music in this blog. This time it will be love songs from the movies. The following three movie theme songs are my favorites. The first one has a beautiful and timeless melody. Every time I hear it, it touches my heart and make me cry. I also included the lyrics of the song. Enjoy!

Marooned Without You-From Joe versus the Volcano-written by John Patrick Stanley and music by George Delerue

Why is my heart marooned without you
The sun goes down
My dreams begin their refrain
I call to whatever holds you
My beloved
I wait and I wait

Why is my heart marooned without you
A tiny light upon the sea
My heart is so afraid
You have broken away
Tell me, darling, I pray
You will come to me soon

My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion) From the Titanic

Time is Like a Dream From Interlude
Note: Have you seen the three movies? I only saw Titanic and Interlude. I have read that Joe versus the Volcano was not a box office hit, but is now a cult film. How about you, what is your favorite movie theme song?

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